Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cookies & Milk Party

Happy 80th Birthday to my wonderful mom! I am the 7th of 8 children, and we have an A-MA-ZING mom. We decided to throw an open house for her 80th birthday. She absolutely loves milk. Loves it. I don't think she goes a day without it. She's also a great cook, baker, & candy maker. One sister came up with the cookies & milk theme. One sister provided the venue and made assignments. One sister provided most of the decorations. I helped with invitations & tags. A brother brought his amazing DIY outdoor canopy. Lots of everyone elses baked cookies & brought milk. We're a pretty amazing group when we all get together!

I'm terrible at tutorials. I'm more of an "ideas" person/put it together person. Not the best teacher. are photos of what we did at least!


I found the instructions to make these here: 


This was a combined effort! about sugar buzz...YUM!


We had whole milk, 2%, skim milk, chocolate milk, and almond milk. Who couldn't find a good one, really? Well, me. I don't like milk. I had water :D


We gathered photos, some mementos, a yearbook, a painting...and made a cute display of our mom. It was a lot of fun looking at little scraps of her life!


This was one of the most fun things ever! One of my sisters makes cakes. Wonderful, cute, beautiful cakes. She provided frosting, fondant, and patient instruction. My sisters and nieces all got together and we decorated 8 cakes for the for every 10 years (or one for each child...we never really nailed that down). Here are the down & dirty photos:

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