Sunday Dinner & Treats

Growing up, Sundays included church, family, Sunday dinner, and usually a treat in the evening. My favorites were roast with carrots & potatoes, and mom's homemade rolls, or hamburger stew & scones (Utah scones, which are basically fry bread, topped with butter & honey). Popcorn & fudge were the most common treat. The popcorn was made on the stove top, and drizzled with butter & salt. The fudge was homemade, and if you were lucky, you got to lick the bowl...mmmmm! I'm the 7th of 8 children, and often my older, married siblings would come over for treats & games. They were great times!

Life is so busy, and full of "stuff." I've decided to challenge myself by making my Sundays "new recipe" days. So, theoretically, if I try a new dinner recipe and make a treat every Sunday for a year, and compile the recipes for myself, I'll have a great recipe book with at least 104 recipes in it. Unless, of course, I try something and it totally flops. So lets say 90 recipes ;)

In my quest to live healthier, I'm hopeful this will give me something to look forward to each week...that it will be easier to bypass unnecessary treats during the week, knowing Sunday is treat day. Ignoring the creamy pastas and fluffy rolls during the week, knowing Sunday is fun dinner day. Moderation. Healthy lifestyle. Reality!

I also have a pretty good imagination, so I can fantasize about my awesome Sunday cooking becoming notorious, and my family and friends flocking to my home each Sunday afternoon for a gourmet dinner, served by me, in my casual yet fashionable outfit, on matching dinnerware with cute napkins...followed by an evening of treats, board games, a movie, or some Guitar Hero. Lemonade with cute straws on serving trays in the summer, and hot chocolate or wassail in awesome mugs with cinnamon sticks in the winter...

Ok, I'll settle for learning to be a better cook, and having fun trying each week :D

Follow the links below to see what I've tried...


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